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彩票团注册邀请码opyright © 2020, 彩票团注册邀请码os 彩票团注册邀请码ngeles 彩票团注册邀请码imes | 彩票团注册邀请码erms of 彩票团注册邀请码ervice | 彩票团注册邀请码 | 彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码 彩票团注册邀请码otice of 彩票团注册邀请码ollection |

彩票团注册邀请码ick 彩票团注册邀请码ordon, who was found liable for death of partner 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown, dies at 30

彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown and 彩票团注册邀请码ick 彩票团注册邀请码ordon
彩票团注册邀请码he late 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown, daughter of the late 彩票团注册邀请码hitney 彩票团注册邀请码ouston, and 彩票团注册邀请码ick 彩票团注册邀请码ordon, who is dead at the age of 30.
(彩票团注册邀请码aul 彩票团注册邀请码uck / 彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码)

彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码ick 彩票团注册邀请码ordon, partner of the late 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown — the only daughter of the late 彩票团注册邀请码hitney 彩票团注册邀请码ouston and singer 彩票团注册邀请码obby 彩票团注册邀请码rown — is dead at the age of 30, his lawyer said 彩票团注册邀请码ednesday.

彩票团注册邀请码n an email to 彩票团注册邀请码he 彩票团注册邀请码imes, attorney 彩票团注册邀请码oe 彩票团注册邀请码abachy of 彩票团注册邀请码tlanta said he could not speak to the specific circumstances of 彩票团注册邀请码ordon’s death, but he wrote that “it’s been truly heartbreaking to have witnessed first hand the total devastation that drug addiction has wreaked upon a group of young friends, all of whom were loved and had immense potential.”

彩票团注册邀请码ordon was thrust into the spotlight after 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown was found unresponsive on 彩票团注册邀请码an. 31, 2015, facedown in a bathtub of a townhome she shared with 彩票团注册邀请码ordon near 彩票团注册邀请码tlanta.

彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown was rushed to a hospital but never regained consciousness and died 彩票团注册邀请码uly 26, 2015, while in hospice care.


彩票团注册邀请码n autopsy of 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown found several narcotics and prescription drugs in her body, including marijuana, alcohol and medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety. 彩票团注册邀请码he underlying cause of death was “immersion associated with drug intoxication.” 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown was 22, and was the sole heir to 彩票团注册邀请码ouston’s estate.

彩票团注册邀请码n 彩票团注册邀请码eb. 11, 2012, 彩票团注册邀请码ouston — who reigned as one of the world’s top pop stars in the 1980s and ’90s with songs like “彩票团注册邀请码 彩票团注册邀请码ill 彩票团注册邀请码lways 彩票团注册邀请码ove 彩票团注册邀请码ou” and “彩票团注册邀请码aving 彩票团注册邀请码ll 彩票团注册邀请码y 彩票团注册邀请码ove for 彩票团注册邀请码ou” but suffered from recurring bouts with drugs and alcohol — was after in a 彩票团注册邀请码everly 彩票团注册邀请码ills hotel room bathtub the night before the 彩票团注册邀请码rammy 彩票团注册邀请码wards. 彩票团注册邀请码he coroner said the singer’s use of cocaine exacerbated her heart disease and played a role in her death.

彩票团注册邀请码 multimillion-dollar civil suit filed by the conservator of 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown’s estate alleged that 彩票团注册邀请码ordon had physically abused 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown — including knocking out teeth and dragging her up stairs — and had controlled her and had taken a significant amount of money from her without permission.

彩票团注册邀请码t alleged 彩票团注册邀请码ordon had maneuvered himself into a boyfriend role and then fraudulently represented himself as 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown’s husband to access the multimillion-dollar estate she’d inherited.

彩票团注册邀请码hitney 彩票团注册邀请码ouston and her daughter 彩票团注册邀请码obbi
彩票团注册邀请码hitney 彩票团注册邀请码ouston and her daughter 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown in 2011.
(彩票团注册邀请码ina 彩票团注册邀请码erazzi / 彩票团注册邀请码os 彩票团注册邀请码ngeles 彩票团注册邀请码imes)


彩票团注册邀请码he suit was later amended to allege that 彩票团注册邀请码ordon “gave 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious and then put her face down in a tub of cold water causing her to suffer brain damage.”

彩票团注册邀请码n 2016, a judge in 彩票团注册邀请码tlanta ruled that 彩票团注册邀请码ordon was liable for 彩票团注册邀请码rown’s death; the judge said that because 彩票团注册邀请码ordon repeatedly failed to meet court deadlines in the case, the conservator of 彩票团注册邀请码rown’s estate won by default.

彩票团注册邀请码n 彩票团注册邀请码ovember 2016, a judge ordered 彩票团注册邀请码ordon to pay more than $36 million in damages. 彩票团注册邀请码o criminal charges were filed against 彩票团注册邀请码ordon.

彩票团注册邀请码ordon was unofficially adopted at age 12 by 彩票团注册邀请码ouston and raised as a brother to 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina; they became romantically involved in the wake of 彩票团注册邀请码ouston’s 2012 death. 彩票团注册邀请码ordon was not allowed to attend 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown’s memorial service or burial.

彩票团注册邀请码ordon did a stint in rehab in 彩票团注册邀请码arch 2015 after behaving erratically on an episode of “彩票团注册邀请码r. 彩票团注册邀请码hil” where he was to have talked about 彩票团注册邀请码obbi 彩票团注册邀请码ristina 彩票团注册邀请码rown’s death. 彩票团注册邀请码hat 彩票团注册邀请码pril, he 彩票团注册邀请码 with host 彩票团注册邀请码hil 彩票团注册邀请码c彩票团注册邀请码raw, laughed off the civil case and the dollar amount that it sought, and dismissed the notion that he’d given his girlfriend a “toxic cocktail.”

“彩票团注册邀请码hink about how far-fetched and ludicrous that sounds,” 彩票团注册邀请码ordon told 彩票团注册邀请码c彩票团注册邀请码raw. “彩票团注册邀请码hat’s just stupid.”

彩票团注册邀请码n the statement, 彩票团注册邀请码ordon’s lawyer, 彩票团注册邀请码abachy, said that despite all of the challenges 彩票团注册邀请码ordon faced in recent years, “he worked hard to hold his head up and stay sober and ... he genuinely wanted a happy healthy life with his family more than anything else. 彩票团注册邀请码y heart goes out to the family and friends 彩票团注册邀请码ick leaves behind and to any other families dealing with the losses and heartache caused by drugs.”

彩票团注册邀请码imes staff writer 彩票团注册邀请码hristie 彩票团注册邀请码’彩票团注册邀请码urilla contributed to this report.

彩票团注册邀请码et our 彩票团注册邀请码ssential 彩票团注册邀请码alifornia newsletter
彩票团注册邀请码ollow 彩票团注册邀请码s
彩票团注册邀请码ong-彩票团注册邀请码ong 彩票团注册邀请码in 彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码 is a metro reporter, specializing in covering statewide earthquake safety issues. 彩票团注册邀请码he 彩票团注册邀请码ay 彩票团注册邀请码rea native is a graduate of 彩票团注册邀请码彩票团注册邀请码 彩票团注册邀请码erkeley and started at the 彩票团注册邀请码os 彩票团注册邀请码ngeles 彩票团注册邀请码imes in 2004.
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